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You can't sing.. get over it... [entries|friends|calendar]
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Ultimate Hatred Unleashed [12 Apr 2007|08:34pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Hello to everyone. I am the newest member of this hateclub.

"I do not want Ashlee Simpson to die easily...a slow, torturous process that would make her suffer physically, mentally and emotionally is acceptable for me...it won't be fun if we let her die peacefully right?"

Please visit my friendster account about her and enjoy. Please comment here.


Is she a fake?!

No one shows at Asslees 22nd birthday! haha [22 Oct 2006|03:18pm]

Ashlee The 'Pieces of Me' singer - who is in London starring as Roxie Hart in the musical 'Chicago' - asked party organisers to invite the cream of British celebrities, but Ashlee ended up celebrating turning 22 with reality TV stars and singers she had never heard of.

Surveying the guests at her party in London's Embassy nightclub, Ashlee was overheard saying: "Who are these people? I don't even know them. If I'd had my party in Los Angeles I would have had proper celebs there."

She even blamed the dismal guest list for friend Ashton Kutcher's failure to turn up.

According to reports, Ashlee was heard whining: "Ashton probably walked in, took one look at this lot and turned round and left."

Guests at Ashlee's 22nd birthday party included Bianca Gascoigne and Victoria Hervey, contestants in British reality TV show 'Love Island'.
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going with the youtube video theme [11 Oct 2006|11:08pm]


kinda poorly done but it makes fun of creepy papa joe/ashlee/jessica and the unnatural shit going on in that family..
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parodys [28 Sep 2006|03:44pm]

mad tv did this one (l.o.s.e.r)

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ashlee doing what she does best *cough snl cough* [26 Sep 2006|10:27pm]


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Asslee is actually going to be in Chicago. [14 Sep 2006|12:39pm]


Pop star Ashlee Simpson, previously confirmed as London's latest Roxie Hart, will join the cast of the hit West End production of Chicago on September 25th.  She will perform in the show for a limited six-week engagement, according to London's The Sun.

The 21 year-old singer's albums include "Autobiography" and "I Am Me."  The singer, who is the sister of pop star Jessica Simpson and who also appeared on an eponymous reality show, has also appeared on film in Undiscovered and The Hot Chick, and on TV in "7th Heaven" and "Malcolm in the Middle." 

Simpson is the second pop star to have been cast in Chicago lately.  Grammy Award-winner Usher currently plays Billy Flynn in the Broadway production.

London's Chicago currently stars Linzi Hateley as Roxie Hart, Amra-Faye Wright as Velma Kelly, Ian Kelsey as Billy Flynn, Brenda as Mama Morton and CC Mulaney as Mary Sunshine.  It plays the Cambridge Theatre.

The Broadway production of Chicago, which opened at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on November 14th 1996, has reached a run of over 4,000 performances at the Ambassador Theatre (215 W. 49th St.); the show will celebrate its 10 year anniversary in November. Chicago received 6 1997 Tonys (including Best Revival of a Musical) under the direction of Walter Bobbie and the choreography of star Ann Reinking. The revival, based on Bobbie's stylistically stripped-down Encores! staging, featured direction and choreography by Bob Fosse in its original 1975 production. Chicago features a score by John Kander and Fred Ebb, and a book by Ebb and Bob Fosse.

The London production of Chicago is now in its 9th year.

For more information on Chicago, visit www.chicagothemusical.com. For tickets, call Telecharge at 212 239 6200, or visit www.telecharge.com.


Silly me, I thought you actually had to be able to SING to do this type of stuff.
I feel bad for people who have to pay $$$ to see her kill the part of Roxy..

The GOOD this about this?? The Critics are going to murder her in the reviews.. Ahh.. I can see it now!
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fug alert [06 Sep 2006|10:23pm]


since im too lazy to upload the pix myself and hotlinkings bad
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didnt see this posted already... strange [06 Sep 2006|01:52am]

September 1, 2006 -- ASHLEE Simpson may claim she's dating her bandmate Braxton Olita, but she looked a little too cozy with Fall Out Boys' Pete Wentz at G-Spa the other night. The two spent time together at big sister Jessica's Yahoo! roller-skating party at the Roxy, but got even closer at the after party at G-Spa. While others including Ashlee's father Joe, mom Tina and blogger Perez Hilton looked on, Ashlee and Wentz sat together in a corner, cuddled and whispered all night until they left together. Meanwhile, Jessica, who claimed she couldn't speak and was trying to save her voice all week, "chatted up a storm" at G-Spa although "her voice was hoarse."


Ashlee Simpson, 21, turned heads on September 2 at the NYC bar Don Hill’s, as she snuggled and kissed a cute guy in the hot spot’s VIP section.

One big problem: He wasn’t Simpson’s guitarist and boyfriend of nearly a year, Braxton Olita; it was Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, 27. Indeed, Simpson’s rep tells Us Weekly that Simpson and Braxton “broke up about a week ago. They have decided to take a break.”

A source close to Simpson tells Us, “Ashlee has been telling everyone that she’s over Braxton,” and adds that Wentz recently dumped girlfriend Michelle Trachtenberg in order to be with Simpson.

For his part, dad Joe may be relieved: A source says when Simpson told him she wanted to move in with Olita earlier this year, “he thought it was totally wrong, immoral and a bad decision. It caused a major rift between her and Joe.”

Ashlee had clearly moved on from her past love at Don Hills’ hipster dance party MisShapes that night where, according to Radar online, she proceeded to straddle the Fall Out Boy bassist, (Jessica was dateless).

However, when the party got going, the going got vomitous for the rowdier Simpson sister. At one point, Ashlee had to excuse herself to retch, and management kindly blocked off the bathroom for her.

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found something ashlee is probably gonna be all over.. [02 Sep 2006|04:10pm]


I bet Ashlee is gonna be all over this one.

Is she a fake?!

She's doing another album.. Sadly.. [25 Aug 2006|03:20pm]


Ashlee Simpson, pop-rock singer, is heading in a completley different direction for her 3rd album which isn't set to be started until early 2007.
"Ashlee has decided to go for a more sophisticated look and sound for this album," said Rob Shuter, Simpson's publicist. "Inspiration came from Christina [Aguilera]'s 'Dirrty'. She is also looking at covering some Gladys Knight."
Just because recording isn't set to take place until 2007, it doesn't mean Simpson hasn't started writing yet.
"Before my most recent tour I was in the studio with my good friend Lauren who's an aspiring music producer and we wrote this great track called 'Mine vs. Yours' and it's basically comparing my current love interest with other Hollywood figures. It's a lot of fun," said Simpson.
Simpson is also currently under contract with Sketchers and is launching a large advertisement with them later this year.

Source:Associated Press
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Ready for a HUUUGE *LOL*? [23 Aug 2006|01:34pm]

Ashlee: Set to star in "Chicago"

Is Ashlee Simpson Broadway-bound? The singer, 21, has been offered the role of murderous Roxie Hart in the Broadway and London casts of the musical Chicago, a Simpson source confirms. “She will probably choose London,” says the source, who adds that she would start in October. (Earlier this year, Rita Wilson played the role in New York.) Though Simpson has little experience in musical theater, she has been a backup dancer on her sis Jessica’s tour, and showed off her acting chops for two years with a role on 7th Heaven. A Chicago rep tells Us, “There is no confirmation at this time.”

Source:US Weekly.

I smell complete and total bullshit. WHY?

1. She can't sing. (mosst obvious, I mean can you imagine having to hear her live and UNFILTERED for HOURS? NO!)
2. Because of more recent lies pulled out of her PR teams ass, like how she was recently offered 1 MILLION dollars to do playboy (though they don't offer that amount to ANYONE), and how she was supposidly supposed to be the new face of Victorias Secret "pink" line, and that came out to be totally untrue too.

The way I see it, It's just more lies being put out by PAPA JOE and the rest of the team. But it only makes people laugh at her more.
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Hilariously funny! [17 Aug 2006|07:58pm]

[ mood | amused ]

This is a fantastic site, and I just about died laughing while looking at this page.

"Ashlee's favourite and most common dance move: she holds her arm the way a palsy in a wheel chair would. She shakes her arm around, making it appear as though she is having a seizure."


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ashlee lies (well duh) [13 Aug 2006|06:56pm]


 before and after Ashlee icon I found

and I just updated the info with this bit:

Ashlee Simpson lies Volume 2.0

Ashlee says:
I'm totally against it and offended by it. I'm going out to let my real talent show, not to just stand there and dance around. Personally, I'd never lip-synch. It's just not me.! (in a magazine interview)

*She was later BUSTED doing just that on SNL*

Ashlee Says:
"I love my womanly curves!",

*note her recent weight loss of around 20lbs* (summer 06')

Ashlee Says:
"I love my nose! It gives me character! I wouldn't change it!"
The hook in the nose is OBVIOUSLY gone, and it's mush shorter,less wider now. Deny all you want. Pictures don't lie. ***also note here her lips (especially top lip) is much fuller/plumper now) ***

Ashlee Says:
"I'm punk rock" I am like the anti-Jessica. I'm nothing like my sister" (as she dyes her hair black and puts out her 1st album)

**Note now, her hair is bleach blonde with fake extentions,shes also dressing like big sister Jessica now, has had nose surgery,and lip injections. whats next? boob job?**

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spoof article, yet funny [12 Aug 2006|12:19pm]

Ashlee Simpson Asks, Where Are Those Pieces of Me
By Matthew Congdon
Aug 10, 2006, 05:55

the new ashlee

NEW YORK - What has punk princess Ashlee Simpson's new nose all bent out of shape? Turns out that her now smooth shnoz made for a rough night of unintentional incognito.

Ms. Simpson, in town last week to promote her new line of "Lip Sync'n with Ashlee!" karaoke machines, was out for a night of high profile hi-jinks that was abruptly cut short. The trouble started outside the Meatpacking megaclub Marquee, where both she and her bump-free bridge went utterly unrecognized.

Usually accustomed to open doors and comped magnums of Veuve Cliquot Rose, Ms. Simpson was reportedly roughly rebuffed at the door by bouncers who believed her to be just another bland Bergdumb Blonde.

"No one would believe who she was," one tipsy patron close to the action noted. "She was all like, 'lemme in, lemme in!' I heard she had to settle for Spicemarket . . . without table service . . . next to Brittney Murphy."

Another bystander staggered by and was overheard slurring, "I heard they mistook her for Tara Reid and she sucker punched 'em." Managers for Marquee did not return calls, but we hear we're on a list.

the old ashlee

Since the downtown debacle, Ashlee has reportedly been holed up at the boho-swank Rivington Hotel. According to staff there, she's been speed dialing every fly-by-night nip and tuckster in order to reverse her regretful rhinoplasty.

Afraid that Ashlee's headed straight to Cabo san Crazy, the Simpson clan has supposedly rallied an intervention. Rumor has it they even enlisted the help of former dirty dancer Jennifer Grey in hopes that, having weathered the loss of her own charming hooked look, she could lend some advice on how Ashlee can still have "the time of her life."

Of course, on the record, the entire Simpson camp still denies anything was done to make the rocker's profile perkier. But with the proof literally as plain as the nose on her face, Ms. Simpson's publicists now admit that some "necessary" work might have been done.

When asked why the story keeps changing, they replied, "We have always, always maintained that Ashlee has had nothing 'strictly cosmetic' done. Our story continues to be consistent, the only thing that's deviated here is her septum."

source: http://www.pugbus.net/artman/publish/08102006_piecesofash.shtml
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nasty asslee upskirt [04 Aug 2006|10:37am]


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fake? OMG? REALLY? lol [04 Aug 2006|10:26am]


Ashlee Simpson’s Immense Integrity Contested

For decades, pop-singer Ashlee Simpson has maintained the world’s respect and kudos for her unwavering probity and moral-character. But is she fallible afterall? A leading magazine thinks so:

“In the July edition of Marie Claire, a pre-nose job Simpson declared, ‘Everyone is made differently, and that’s what makes us beautiful and unique. I want girls to look in the mirror and feel confident.’

“In the time between the cover interview taking place and publication, Simpson underwent a rhinosplasty operation at a Los Angeles clinic on April 21 and has since had long blonde hair extensions.”

Other Simpson statements now under scrutiny include:

“I think people should become successful for their accomplishments, not for who their sister is or which record executives they’ve blown or which Popes they’ve assassinated in exchange for a VH-1 reality show.”

“I would never lip-synch. Only Nazis, puppy-rapists and Pope-assassinators lip-synch.”

“Pope John Paul II died of natural causes. I’d stake my Mensa membership on it.”

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assface gets boo'ed again [31 Jul 2006|01:01pm]

There's good news and bad news for Ashlee Simpson. The good news is she has devoted fans who will fork over their hard-earned cash to see her perform. The bad news is they don't handle disappointment well -- and they apparently have plenty of free time. The Toledo Blade reports that about 100 ticked-off ticket-holders, upset because she canceled her concert in the city at the last minute, gathered outside her hotel on Tuesday and booed her as she boarded her police-escorted tour bus. The made-over popster, whose ticket sales on this tour have reportedly been less than brisk, cited illness for the nixed date.

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BUY "FUCK THE ASHLEYS" T-SHIRTS! (www.fucktheashleys.com) [26 Jul 2006|09:12pm]


Since you're all anti-Ashlee, why not show the world by sporting a campaign-styled  t-shirt with her and Ashley Parker Angel on it that reads "FUCK THE ASHLEYS". Shirts are only $15-$20, and are brought to you by a band called The Black List Club. They're limited print, so buy one today for a better tomorrow!

Design on front of shirt:
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A Little Game [23 Jul 2006|11:43pm]

If you don't know already, Jessica is a ProActiv spokesperson. I thought it'd be funny to see what you all think Asscrap would be a good spokesperson for. This could be a made-up product, medication, etc. If you wanna take up a challenge, go ahead and try to think of something that doesn't involve her nose. :)

I shall post when I come up with something decent. :)
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um................................. [23 Jul 2006|11:42pm]


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